• Management of the exchange format established by entities.
  • Definition of company-specific formats.
  • Parameterization of maturities for payments in instalments.
  • Status cycle management for batches, guaranteeing authorization levels.
  • Validation of data integrity and business rules.
  • E-mail notification of operational and business events to companies, suppliers, and internal users.
  • Integration with the client’s Core Banking.
  • Integration with the client’s Home Banking as a channel for the entry of payrolls.
  • Web-version compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.
  • Product based on a 100% Java platform for the server components and HTML/CSS/JSP for the user interface.



Service of Debits and Credits

For Salary and/or Pension Payments



With Note Payable


Information validating

Of each batch record and generates files with the detected errors

Checking of processed batches

Through filters selection and results with totals by date/currency.

Batch processing results reports.


Movements ckecking

Through filters selection.

New users

Automatically generates new registrations and cancellations and are sent to the companies.



Of notifications


Manages and customizes users’ and groups’ profiles and permissions


Audit logs

Provides access

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